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Feminism's Top 20 of 2015.

  1. Two officers becoming the first women to graduate from the US Army’s ranger academy.girlarmy
  1. The Women’s World Cup reminding us that “playing like a girl” means being tough, hardcore and downright awesome.soccer
  2. Viola Davis’ empowering speech at the Emmy’s about women of colour in Hollywood.viola
  3. Serena Williams shutting down a reporter who asked her why she wasn't smiling.serena
  4. Kiran Gandhi running a marathon without a tampon to fight society's pervasive period shaming.bleed
  5. Reese Witherspoon’s film company producing the inspiring movie “Wild” and putting many more feminist flicks in the queue! Oh ya, and reminding us that ‘ambition’ isn’t such a dirty word.reese.jpg
  6. Misty Copeland became the first black female principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theater.misty.jpg
  7. The #AskHerMore Campaign, launch by The Representation Project, to push interviews to ask female celebrities substantive (rather than material) questions.ask
  8. J Law’s impassioned article on the pay gap in Hollywood.93bac6b8-465a-4ff7-adf9-3da4730c3297-1020x612
  9. Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Gloria Steinem’s BFF interview.rbg
  10. Everything Matt McGorry did.matt
  11. Elizabeth Warren fighting the sexist comment that “she knows nothing about global economy”.2012 Massachusetts Democratic Endorsing Convention
  12. Young feminists Emma Watson & Malala Yousafzai sitting down for a nice little chat.malala
  13. The United States Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage in all fifty states.usa
  14. Amy Schumer’s “12 Angry Men” parody.angry.png
  15. Saudi women now having the right to run and vote in municipal elections.saudi
  16. Nicki Minaj sharing with the world why she, and every other woman, should demand to orgasm.nicki
  17. The female scientists of the world banning together to combat gender stereotypes with the hashtag #DistractinglySexy.Distractingly-sexy-female-scientists-set-sexist-colleague-straight1
  18. Trudeau having the perfect answer, “Because it’s 2015”, to why he made the Canadian cabinet of gender parity.cabinet
  19. Ronda Rousey being a badass in and out of the ring.rond
  20. Ellen Page grilling Republican candidate Ted Cruz on LGBT rights and government policies.ellen.gif

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