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Five Joys of Feminism.

Being a feminist is the worst. Every day, feminists face skepticism, disrespect, threats and abuse. As a result, being a feminist is pretty horrible 90% of the time.

So why are feminists so ardently committed to being feminists? Well, besides it being kind of a CRUCIAL HUMAN RIGHTS MOVEMENT, there are also a few magical aspects that might just make it worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

Here are five joys of feminism:

1) Finding a fabulous feminist soul mate.


When you find that special human, of any gender, who sees the world the same way you do, it's fantastic.

You sit together on floor cushions, surrounded by mountains of food (how else do people socialize?) and revel in your shared frustrations, revelations and opinions. You shake your head at the same offensive comments, cyber-stalk your favourite human rights leaders, and bounce questions off one another about civil rights.

You two are basically the next Gloria Steinem & Ruth Bader Ginsberg duo. No big deal.

2) Being empowered as f*ck.

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Even if acts and deeds of ignorant people may affect us from time to time, you can recognize they are on the wrong side of history and will feel very foolish in twenty years. You can hold steady on our beliefs.

You never (ok, rarely) second-guess your decisions. You know it doesn’t matter if you shave your legs, just like you know you never want to ‘dumb yourself down’ to woo a potential suitor.

You broaden the scope of what you allow yourself to be. You decide that you won’t be constricted by gender roles or stereotypes. You accept how you are rather than what you are supposed to be.

3) Giving a verbal smack down to a misogynist.


You know what I’m talking about. When you are in an argument with an ignoramus and slowly but surely, through impressive arguments and impeccable articulation, you debunk their argument.

This is a magnificent feeling; one that you deserve to cherish. If you out-argue and outwit a misogynist, you will skip around town all day like Donald Trump after buying a new toupee.

4) When your friends/family/youth start to see the light.


In my opinion, there might be nothing more uplifting than when someone you know, or a young individual, starts to understand the importance and relevance of feminism. They start to finally get it. It shows that feminism is spreading. “The radical notion that women are people” may just become less radical.

5) Sisterhood.

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Knowing that you are a part of something greater, something bigger than anything in your own life, is incredible. It can keep you afloat, knowing you have tens of thousands of women who are rooting for you, cheering for you, and will do all they can to lift you up when the rest of the world drags you down. Knowing you have a feminist army walking behind you can reshape your entire perspective.

Sisterhood for the win.

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