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Mindy Kaling: And 16 Other Feminist Buzzwords.

Nice Guy (n.): A man who sacrifices hours of his time listening to his gorgeous female friends complain about their rude, muscular boyfriend because no one else will. The nice guy will never take advantage of a vulnerable girl, objectify a girl, and will always go out of his way to help his female friends, but will never land a girl because of his mediocre looks. The nice guy may one day ask out his hot female friend but will be rejected because she is self-centered and has no compassion for his feelings. In other words, the ‘nice guy’ is a term used to feminize/lessen males who neither control nor hurt women, and admonishes women for exercising their right to choose who they date.

Notorious RBG (n.): Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Justice of the Supreme Court, rose to pop culture fame in 2014 with her scathing dissent on the Hobby Lobby ruling. She has spent her entire career advocating for women’s rights, gay rights marriage and more. Her greatest supporters affectionately refer to her as Notorious RBG, and have dedicated Tumblr pages, Instagram accounts and the like to her and all her glory.

Grrl (n.): A young woman regarded as independent and strong or aggressive. The term originates from “riot girl”, meaning a member of a young feminist movement associated with aggressive punk-style rock music.

Mansplaining (v.): When men explain something in a patronizing manner, assuming total ignorance on the part of the woman listening. The condescending manner and often inaccurate explanations drip with an assuredness that he is right. The person mansplaining (aka mansplainer) is often appalled and offended when their argument/stance is questioned, criticized, or rejected outright.

Meninism (n.): A movement advocating for men’s rights, often called the anti-feminism movement. It is the (sometimes) organized, collective anger that deeply lost males inflict upon women. It is most often used by men (usually white) who believe they are under attack from empowered people of colour and women. The shared hatred or resentment meninist’s have towards women recaptures their waning sense of patriarchal power and male privilege.

Friend Zone (n.): A platonic relationship between two people, but one person has romantic feelings for, or sexual interest in, the other.

Girl: "I think you’re amazing, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship by dating."

Guy: "Well then, why the fuck did I waste two months on you?"

In other words, it’s an attack on a woman’s right to say no.

Not All Men (n.): A favourite amongst men as a argument against sexism, as they defend the defended and speak for the spoken for. It is a way for men to redirect a discussion about sexism, women’s rights, rape culture, street harassment, or misogyny to a discussion about how he, as an individual, is not at fault and holds no responsibility. It negates the actions perpetuated by an entire society because he does not knowingly and actively participate.

Rape Apologism (n.): An umbrella term for any argument that downplays the severity of today’s rape culture. These arguments suggest that rape or sexual assault is infrequent, misreported, over-reported, not that big a deal, or an excusable act in some circumstances. Rape apologists cite marriage or choice of outfit as reasons to discount rape. Their favourite phrase is “It’s not rape if…”

Mindy Kaling (n.): An actress, writer, producer. She is the creator and star of the sitcom The Mindy Project, serving as the executive producer and writer for the show. Kaling is also famous for her role as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, where she also served as executive producer, writer and director. Mindy Kaling is also known as every single woman’s Spirit Animal.

Bropropriation (n.): When a man takes a woman’s original idea and takes credit for it himself. For example, “Holy smokes, I’m getting sick of all the bropropriation in this office; I’m going to trademark all of my ideas from now on.”

Slut Shaming (v.): When an individual shames/attacks a female for being sexual, having one or more sexual partners, embracing her sexuality, or acting on sexual urges. Slut shaming illustrates that women who have sex or act sexual in a manner disapproved of by society should feel guilty.

In other words, it’s an attack on a woman’s right to say yes.

Male Gaze (n.): A production of a visual work where the audience is put into the perspective of a heterosexual man. It focuses on aspects presumed to be interesting and pleasing to the viewer. The male gaze uses women as a commodity that helps to sell products (hence the age old adage ‘sex sells’).

For example, any movie that zooms in on a woman’s derriere as she walks away from the camera, or when (all the time) the media shares news through the perspective of a white heterosexual male.

Feminazi (n.): A bitter, sexually frustrated woman who hates men, burns bras, grows armpit hair and only advocates for the rights of women. According to Urban Dictionary, feminazis claim to hate sexism but they are “hugefuckinghypocrites” in reality.

Catcalling (v.): A colloquial term for street harassment, catcalling is the act of a person (often male) commenting on the appearance of /touching another person (often female) on the street. Catcalling includes, but is not limited to, ass smacking, arm grazing, whistling, howling, barking, and shouting comments like, “Nice skirt, let’s see what’s underneath”, “Smile for me honey”, “Hold on there doll tits, come hang out”.

Fox News (n.): A right-wing American news channel. Some topics covered include: why young women should go party rather than vote, why Obama’s inauguration was the most depressing day ever, how Kendrick Lamar is more detrimental to black people than racism, and mocking the head of Nepal’s National Organization for the Disabled.

Fox News is the literal bane of every feminist’s existence.

“Did you watch Fox News last night?”

“No, I gouged my left eyeball instead.”

Misandry (n.): The dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men. Can also be described as a wholly invalid notion in our male-centered world, illustrating how little criticism it takes in order for men to feel like it's "open season on men." In fact, just saying "male privilege" or "patriarchy" can prompt eye rolls, scoffs, and an exasperated, "oh my god, here we go again.”

Straw Feminist (n.): An archetypical version of a feminist used in arguments in order to devalue and discriminate against the feminist movement. The term can also be described as a made up stereotype by ignorant butt faces to argue against feminism when they have never read a book on the topic.

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