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30 Truisms From A Clueless Know-It-All.

*These truisms are subjective and relative, and in fact not truisms at all.

  1. As a single person, it is totally normal to want to stab yourself in the eye when your friends talk about their amazing significant other.
  2. Thigh gaps are dumb. A healthy, active life style is not.
  3. Wine drunk is the best drunk. Especially if you like channeling your inner Gollum the next day.
  4. Ignorance is not stupidity; it is a lack of education.
  5. Making out with a random person at the bar was a great idea when you were eighteen, but not so much anymore.
  6. The most rewarding feeling is trying, and surviving, something new. The bigger your comfort zone, the better your life.
  7. Having money in your bank account is way less fun than exploring the corners of the world.
  8. Significant others come and go, but friends are a crucial part of life. Keep them around.
  9. Haters gon hate, but exceptional individuals always rise above.
  10. It’s OK to spend a Friday night alone with Netflix. Binging on teenage drama and carbohydrates is good for the soul.
  11. A handwritten letter is the most beautiful gesture.
  12. How someone depicts their life on social media is not their real life. Who posts about getting dumped, losing their job, or moving back home?
  13. Your parents are your best fans, allies, and resources.
  14. Somewhere out there, a real life Seth Cohen exists.
  15. Everyday, if you so choose, you can be an agitator, a force to be reckoned with, and a headache for the devil.
  16. If you can’t walk around in an oversized Christmas sweater and a nude thong in front of your friends, they aren’t your true friends.
  17. Your 30’s will not magically become awesome – you have to work for that future happiness now.
  18. Pizza is a balanced meal; it has all the food groups. (Stop judging me, delivery boy.)
  19. Serious relationships are pointless until you and your partner both dedicate yourselves to an unwavering commitment.
  20. Playing dress up and choreographing dances in your living room is a completely acceptable and sane thing to do in your mid-twenties.
  21. Boys actually like talking about their feelings, just not normally to other boys.
  22. Looking good every day is tactically unintelligent; no one will notice after a while. On the other hand, if you look extremely average on a regular basis, the compliments will fly when you throw on a little lipstick.
  23. You need a passion, a purpose and a plan.
  24. Elaine from Seinfeld was a horrible dancer, but that never stopped her from dancing.
  25. Breakfast at midnight is always delicious.
  26. Siblings can be your best friends, and they have no choice but to love you!
  27. You are never too old to jump in puddles.
  28. You can, however, be too old to go to the club three nights a week.
  29. Everything in life is about priorities. If you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.
  30. Beyoncé is a deity.


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